Counsellor Applications 2021

PROMYS Europe Connect 2021

We are delighted to announce PROMYS Europe Connect for 2021.

In view of continuing restrictions and uncertainty around Covid-19, we are designing PROMYS Europe Connect as a 4-week online programme that captures many of the key elements of the usual PROMYS Europe experience.  More details are on the Programme page.

Applications for Counsellors are now closed for the 2021 programme.

Please join our Mailing List to be kept informed of future programmes. (Clicking this link will redirect you to a form on the University of Oxford Mathematical Institute website)


Application Process:

PROMYS Europe seeks to attract applications from undergraduate mathematicians of the highest quality and potential, regardless of background. Counsellors are required to work full time for the entire duration of the programme and will also need to spend some time beforehand helping with the preparation and undertaking necessary training (such as on safeguarding young people).  One or more of the counsellors will be selected to act as Head Counsellor or Deputy Head Counsellor. Counsellors will be provided with a stipend. 

Working at PROMYS Europe is fun and rewarding but is also intensive and demanding, the hours are full-time, and the rate of remuneration reflects these expectations.

Applications usually open in early January each year, when a job description, detailing responsibilities and selection criteria, will be posted here. Applicants will then be required to complete an application form and to obtain recommendations from two individuals who are familiar with their background in university-level mathematics.

Counsellors for PROMYS Europe must be aged at least 18 at the start of the programme. They need to have the appropriate right to work. For PROMYS Europe Connect in 2021, this means the right to work in the country in which they will be based at the time of the programme (for example, but not limited to, if resident in the European Union through being a European Union national; if resident in the UK through having UK citizenship). For future programmes, this still needs to be clarified in view of legislation changes due to Brexit. Employment is also subject to the successful completion of DBS checks.

If you have any questions, please contact the PROMYS Europe office at



If you wish to make us aware of a disability for which you may need support, then you may do so by writing to either when you submit your application or when you receive an offer. Successful applicants with a disability will be given the opportunity to discuss their needs, and we will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of disabled participants and applicants.