Counsellor Comments

What Counsellors at PROMYS Europe Say 

It was immediately clear when I arrived at PROMYS Europe that the programme is special, and is of great importance.

The best part of being in PROMYS Europe was undoubtedly the people I got to work with. This applies to students, counsellors and any other staff. I hope that this is the start of future work with those that I have spent time with this summer. Additionally, the programme rekindled my love for mathematics. During the course of my undergraduate studies I have spent time with people whose enthusiasm was not remotely comparable to that of the people I have worked with this summer. It was refreshing and incredible to spend so much time with other people who care so much for what they do.

The mathematics was to a much higher level than I anticipated.

I hoped to gain experience of working with very able students, with the intention of judging whether I would like to pursue a career in undergraduate teaching. PROMYS Europe cemented my desire to go into this field, as I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. Extra to my initial expectations, I have learnt a lot more mathematics than I expected, from a side of mathematics I thought I was leaving behind. The programme reminded me just how much I love pure mathematics.

The exploration lab was very enjoyable to mentor, the students seemed engaged in the topic which made the time spent interesting and worthwhile. The research lab was also very successful, and in particular the students that I worked with were, in short, brilliant. The form of the project which I mentored was such that the students were free to explore on their own, leading to deep discussions and hours of searching for ideas.

The speakers that we had seemed to really interest the students, and indeed myself. I think the better style of lecture is that of a research talk, as it is clear that the standard of mathematicians we have enrolled in the programme is very high.

It was interesting to try student-mentor interaction from the other side. They are great people to work with.

 The faculty were very pleasurable to work with. They were well organised and always on hand to help and give advice.

We were well catered for in Wadham in every sense of the word. I do not see how this could have been improved. 

I would certainly recommend PROMYS Europe to other potential counsellors. The experience has been a brilliant one. 

I felt like part of a well coordinated team. Especially after first week.

I have wholeheartedly enjoyed the entire experience, and I would love to be given the opportunity to come back.