Student Applications

Applications are no longer being accepted for 2017.

Admission decisions will be sent, by email, by 27 April, at the latest.

Please contact if you have any questions. Thank you.


PROMYS Europe is a programme for pre-university students who will be at least 16 years old by the start of the programme. Applicants may be in any year of secondary school or sixth form college including their final year. Students attending state-funded schools, independent or private schools, home schools, and other types of schools are all eligible to apply. PROMYS Europe is open to students ordinarily resident in Europe. In case of doubt about eligibility, please contact the PROMYS Europe office.

Lectures, discussions, and problem sets are in English. Applicants should possess English language skills which are strong enough to enable full participation. It is the responsibility of students to check, and to comply with, any visa regulations which may apply to them.

The application process includes a challenging problem set, a teacher recommendation form, and short essay questions about interest in attending PROMYS Europe.  

PROMYS Europe seeks to attract applicants of the highest ability and potential, regardless of background. Decisions on the admission of students will be based solely on individual merit, assessed by applicants' solutions to a set of challenging problems; teacher recommendations; and short student essays explaining their interest in the programme. 

If you have any questions or encounter persistent difficulties uploading your problem set solutions, please contact us at

Application for pre-university students applying to attend PROMYS Europe for the first time:

To be submitted by applicant

1) Problem set solutions. Please upload your solutions to the problem set (as a single PDF no larger than 10 MB) with your online application. If you are handwriting your solutions, please use dark ink and wide margins so a scan of your work will be legible. Please do not send a photo/JPEG of your solutions since we are generally unable to read these.

2) Online application form. You will be asked to upload your problem set solutions with your application.  The deadline for receipt of first-year application materials is shown on the form.

To be submitted by applicant’s teacher 

3) Online teacher recommendation form. Please ask one of your mathematics teachers to complete the form.  Please note: it is the applicant's responsibility to ask one of his or her mathematics teachers to complete this form. We strongly encourage you to follow up with your teacher to ensure the recommendation is submitted by the application deadline, shown on the application form.  

Returning students:

Returning student application form for pre-university students who attended PROMYS Europe in one year who wish to return in a subsequent year 


If you wish to make us aware of a disability that may impair your access to the programme or your performance in the selection process, then you may do so by writing to either when you submit your application or when you receive an offer - successful applicants with a disability will be given the opportunity to discuss their needs at that point. There is a legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of disabled participants and applicants, provided that the disabilities are declared. 

There is an optional form for equality monitoring purposes which will be sent to you once you have submitted your application. This form is completely anonymised and will not affect your application or the selection process.